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✦ Basic Info ✦
Ángel o Kia 22 ella/él brown méx bisexual genderfluid

✦ Print ✦
carrd, coding, graphic design, estética de los 2000's, 1st - 2nd gen kpop

✦ Music ✦
agust d, aespa, s.e.s, baby v.o.x, bad bunny, selena quintanilla, pink pantheress, doja cat, bts

✦ Socials ✦

✦ Guidelines ✦
sort of personal priv acc, selective fb, español > inglés, heavy spam of my interest atm, myg solo

no dni, just don’t be a weirdo, annoying or a minor (-17)

✦ Note ✦
don’t claim my crds layouts as yours just bc you change its colors and don’t make tuts for free ver of them

last login: 1/21/2022 via myscene

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